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Future of DADA funding


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I know we've talked about this before, but I thought this article on the Northern Ballet School website might be of interest to those applying for sixth form places in the next few years:




And because their website seems to not work properly with some browsers .... here is the text of the article:



The Department for Education has been working with colleagues in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), Young People's Learning Agency (YPLA) and Skills Funding Agency (the Agency) to consider a long term solution to providing support for the most talented young people and adults to access specialist dance and drama provision in the UK.

In December 2011, the departments concerned reported that they need further time to consider the options, and that they have therefore decided to postpone the implementation of the new arrangements to commence in September 2013 rather than September 2012 as was anticipated.

The DaDA scheme will therefore be supported for a further, final transitional year in, 2012/13. This means that students showing exceptional talent during the autumn 2011 audition period and who start courses in September 2012 will continue to be offered awards under the DaDA scheme, and will be funded to the end of their courses.


Edited to format the quote.

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Yes, good news for this year's applicants. I don't think the intention is to remove funding altogether, just that it could be different to the current DADA scheme. One aricle I read suggested that the new scheme might be stricter in terms of the age of the students who would be eligible. But clearly its still up in the air so we shouldn't speculate I guess.

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I waded through the report at one point - from what I recall (and I am willing to be corrected) as far as Hammond, Tring,Elmhurst were concerned, the suggestion was that they should follow the RBS model and use MDS funding for 6th form as well as lower school.


I think the other model they liked was the Central model, and the schools in the Conservatoire were heading in that direction (foundation degrees from 16, funding as per a degree).


As my DS, and possibly my elder DS (studying production arts), will hopefully be looking for funding next year it is a subject dear to my heart ...


The report is much wider than just ballet - it focussed on the inconsistencies in some strands (musical theatre springs to mind) and also discussed at length the likely destination of recipients of funding. One phrase which sticks in my mind is that Cruise Ships are the new Rep. Theatre!


I did read this a few months ago. My recall is not perfect at the best of times, so I may not be correct in all details ...



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