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Dance teacher insurance advice


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I have searched to see if there is already advice on the forum but haven't found anything.


I am going to pass my first teacher qualification very soon and was looking at different types of insurance. I'm very confused as most of us new teachers seem to be by this sort of thing!


NDTA referred me to Markel with a very reasonable quote (which can be paid monthly which suits me even better!) and I'm tempted to go for it but the limits seem lower than others I've seen and I was wondering if I'm being a numpty by going for it just cause it's cheap! Although my instructor from the dance teacher training course said hers was even cheaper so maybe I just think it's going to be so expensive but it's not! "Dance UK" also have an offer when you join as a member with them which is slightly higher in price.


This is one I got from Markel:

Premium Breakdown

You can choose to buy all the covers quoted or just some of them Cover



Professional Liability



Public and Products Liability



Employers' Liability



Property Damage



Business Interruption



Directors and Officers Liability



Insurance premium tax @ 6% £5.37 TOTAL ANNUAL PREMIUM




I will only start by teaching one adult ballet class a week (small group) and possibly adding one more to that for either children or adults at a different venue. I can't see myself making much money in my first year and am working full-time besides this doing something else. Hiring a studio, etc.


Can anyone be so kind as to offer their experience and/or advice on whether this suits what I want?


Many, many thanks!

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If you join the Foundation for Community Dance you are automatically covered by their insurance, I believe. This is what I have and it's pretty cost-effective too.


There are others - IDS has a scheme with a company (can't remember who) and RAD and ISTD both have deals with Heath Lambert for members, but the FCD one suits me.

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Please come and teach me! I should have had a ballet lesson last night - the restart was in large letters on my calendar - and it has been cancelled and the owner does not seem to be in a hurry to reinstate it :(

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