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Netherlands Dance Theater 1, Leon & Lightfoot/Pite/Goecke Sadlers Wells June 2018

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I went to the first night and I thought this mixed bill was a terrific showcase for a bunch of incredible contemporary dancers, I'd go so far as to say it was the best contemporary dancing I've seen in London for quite some time. 

The pieces were varied and mostly enjoyable. My personal stand outs were the two not by the company house choreographers. 

Woke up Blind by Marco Goecke was a mere 15 minutes choreographed to two Jeff Buckley songs (never heard of him myself). The movement was thrilling and executed with absolute precision by the 7 dancers. 

The Statement by Crystal Pite was quite unlike anything I've seen before, a kind of choreographed conversation, but at a mere 19 minutes was worth the admission price alone. 

Shoot the Moon and Stop-Motion both by Leon/Lightfoot were visually interesting, well danced, I liked the music but although they were worth seeing there was nothing notable about them. 


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Anna, I was there last night, also at a rehearsal on Tuesday. I was taken aback last night at the beginning of the Pite that quite a few in the audience found it hilarious, something that I and fellow rehearsal attendees hadn't. After a few minutes the seriousness of the piece and the issues it deals with sunk in and there were no more guffaws. I found that an odd experience. Did this happen on other occasions?



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