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Monday 28th May Swan Lake 1.30pm Naghdi & Kish Stalls Circle B20 £64

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A18 is my favourite seat :)


B20 is pretty much immediately behind it.  It's not quite as good a view as A18 as you do lose a little more on the left hand side, and it's also a bench seat.  But having seen the production once, I think you'll lose very little visibility of the staging from B20.  There's more on the right hand side that needs to be seen than on the left.


(It's only the 5th seat along from the proscenium and pit, but not a bad view for that.)

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I love the front and second row stalls circle seats around there too Ruth-saw Hayward's Giselle from A17 and B19- bliss! 


Here's the seat map for anyone interested in B20, gives some indication. 

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Without wishing to take this off-topic, I saw Hayward's Giselle debut from A16 and Naghdi's from something directly opposite (in the A90s); for that production the higher numbers are much better because on the left you lose Giselle's house in Act 1, and her grave in Act 2.

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