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Intermediate DVD on itunes?


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I have the RAD Intermediate DVD and want to put it on my ipod so then I can listen to the music and practice and remember dances in places where theres no DVD player (car, train etc.) Does anyone know how I could do this?? I'm not great at technology :unsure:

Thank you!

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you can get software to do this, i use videora ipod converter, its a free download and you simply put the DVD in the computer drive and then open the software, point it to the DVD drive and it will convert the whole thing for you, you can get quite a few video converters but most don't do mpeg2 formats free which is the DVD format :)


hope it helps

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Yes, we use videora too. It's quite self explanatory but basically once it's installed and you start it, you go to find the dvd in explorer (ours is E:/) and ask videora to convert it to ipod format.


You only have to convert dvds; if you have just the music cd then itunes will import it for you.

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