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Learning the art of 'coaching' dancers

Emma northmore

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COACHING for COACHES! A rare opportunity to see world class coaching using dancers from the Royal Ballet Company.


For all teachers, repetiteurs and dancers considering their next career move - this is a very special day with Maina Gielgud at Ballet Boost on Sept 1st 2017.


It involves the whole day -watching a ballet class and then observing Maina teach mime and stage craft.

After lunch Teo Dubreuil and Anna Rose O'Sullivan from RB Company will arrive to be 'coached' in various solos and we are hoping to share crucial elements that are necessary when coaching. Its so very different to delivering a class and will be invaluable for those working on YAGP, Prix de Lausanne or even festival solos. This is an interactive workshop!


If you are interested please fill in the attached form or email me info@balletboost.com. It should be an enlightening day as Maina coaches dancers around the world!!

The dancers attending the Back to Ballet course from aug 29th will be lucky enough to watch the afternoon rehearsal at no extra cost having finished the course after the mime class!


Full details available on www.balletboost.com on the 'other courses' page or at www.mainagielgud.com.

Cost is £70 for the afternoon and can be as interactive as necessary.

£85 to observe the entire day from 11am with students attending their technique class (taught by Emma Northmore) followed by mime taught by Maina.

Coaching for Coaches.docx

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