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Musicality and Performance

Emma northmore

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May 26th with Ballet Boost for ages 12 plus

@ Central School of Ballet £50


Looking at how the correct understanding of musicality impacts technique, artistry and dynamics in a masterclass held by Emma Northmore lasting at least 2 hours.

After lunch there is another masterclass which will take the information from the morning and combine it with their performance skills. Tapping in to the use of personality, energy and confidence to create the best possible performer.

All this is aimed at vocational Ballet students and those hoping to go in to vocational training. The afternoon will be Musical Theatre work which has been planned with the ballet student in mind and will help them find that spark they need to succeed. Consider 'An American in Paris' - does your ballet student have that stage presence yet? I want to help them get a step ahead! It will get them a place at a school and most certainly go a long way towards obtaining the type of job they desire. Directors are looking for that 'something special' , that 'inner spark' - the true artists of tomorrow.




07958 725862

LIMITED PLACES as just the one group!!!

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