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By some degree of consensus most of our dancers of The Alive Ballet company have decided a preference for the Bell-Shaped tutus for our summer performance of Paquita, for that we will be designing and making our own decorated tutu over-skirts.


Bell-shaped practice tutus seem to be very rear and those that exist are extremely expensive, well over £100 against £40 to £60 for a good classical (pancake) practice tutu. I spent a few hours travelling around the ballet shops in Covent Garden trying on classical practice tutu to find one with enough droop to pass as a bell-shaped one, as one of our dancers suggested Bloch. I tried the Block one on, but it remained too flat for me.


The best I found was from Sansha, but the droop was only slight but well made, however it could be a candidate if we could make a multiple layer overskirt to enhance the droop, possibly with adding a hoop or two. I’m not a tutu designer at least not yet, so I’m not sure if it would work or not.


If anyone has any ideas of possible suppliers at around the £40 - £50 mark, or ways we could adapt an existing classical practice tutu base, as many of our dancers already have these, I would be most grateful

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It depends on what net a tutu is made from. If its a softer net (and the tutus that people have already got are not being used again!) Wash it and it may droop more! Just a thought!

I bought a number of beautiful burgandy tutus a number of years ago expecting them to be proper flat tutu's! But when they arrived they were very droopy (very soft netting). They are still beautiful now and look gorgeous on stage x

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