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The M word


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The M Word. Money.

100 years ago, a Russian child could learn to dance for free! Not now! There's so much I need to do to get my technique up to standard (as a late starter) but we still need money to buy food and pay bills! So, is there any way possible for a young dancer to earn some money? Weekend jobs are hard, as we have dancing lessons or Associates! I just wish there was a way!

I'll try and find someone who needs some basic cleaning/gardening/odd little jobs, but I doubt there will be many!

It's sad how much money it takes to live your dreams ????????

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If you have the spare time to do it, you could offer to help with the cleaning and/or filing at your dance school (provided, they allow it). I worked out an agreement with my school's director that I'll come to help with the cleaning twice a week and get a reduced price for the classes I take. Otherwise I couldn't afford to go even once per week, so it definitely worked out for me ^_^

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