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Eifman's Red Giselle

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Saw this ballet yesterday and as usual I was bowled over by this amazing company. What I love about the dancers is how technically versatile they are, whether it's pure ballet, contemporary style or as in yesterday's performance 1920's flapper girl dancing! I also love how expressive they are. Truly wonderful!

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When I was in St Petersburg recently one of the trips organised was to the Eifman School there .....and I confess hardly know anything about the school/company /man

I was very impressed with the school and the versatile programme there....though they do eventually specialise more.

The whole programme is paid for by the government so as long as the kids pass the yearly assessment it's all free for them.


If only we had just one school like this in the UK! The facilities there were just fabulous.

They take kids from as young as seven though and travel all over Russia to find them.

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The project was started in 2011.


His mission seems to be to target the more disadvantaged children....eg...children living in Homes...and from "failing " families


All seems very admirable and ALL the facilities were outstanding.


Definitely worth keeping an eye on this as perhaps down the line a bit they may accept foreign students ....eg 16 plus etc.


We were told only a very few students fail the yearly assessments and although the kids are allowed home at some week ends and holidays etc some don't want to go!!

They have a statue of George Ballanchine there and where all the students have touched his shoe for good luck ( before exams etc) it's turned a different colour. Naturally we all had a touch as well!!

He seems like an interesting man and has some things to say on choreography which might suit one of the threads here ....I,may try posting if I can work out how to get the exact page!!

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