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Inverness Adult Ballet?

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Hello all,


I will be moving to Inverness for a short period of time with work and I am on the hunt for an advanced ballet class. Preferably non syllabus. 

I have already been googling to death and asked a few friends but the local schools seem relatively new and unlikely to have the standard I desire. It seems my best bet is to commute all the way to Edinburgh dance base for an intense 5 hours on a friday!  


Can anyone from the area or have visited shed any light? I have a vehicle! 



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Depending on what "short period of time" means, I'd advise, from my own experience, that a basic beginners class, well-taught, can keep you in trim/training. If it's well taught, you'll gain things from it, even if the choreography and combinations are very simple.


Where I live, I can only find a beginners' class once to 3 times a week (depending on my work schedule). When I'm in London, I do higher level classes, and find that I'm OK, although I also recognise what I'm losing through lack of opportunity for repetition & practice. But if it's a short period - even up to 3 months or so, you'll be surprised at how much you can just keep in tune with beginners' classes.


I'm lucky however - I found a studio & teacher who is really well trained as a dancer and dance teacher - not just a suburban church hall set up, with a teacher who's not danced professionally ...


So in my experience, I'd say it's the quality of teaching, not the level of the class, that you might look for.

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Yes, I'd agree it is the quality of teaching I am seeking however I have attended adult ballet classes before that have been skipping in a circle so if the option is possible I'd like people to advise me on any advanced classes. 


Currently I can't find any adult classes at all. If I am unsuccessful I will rent a space and practice in my own time.

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Before committing yourself to a long, tiring and expensive drive along the A9 or an even more tedious journey on Scotrail it may be worth consulting the RAD and other teacher databases.   I found RAD instructors as well as a couple of dance schools in Dingwall, Nairn and Lossiemouth by searching against INVERNESS on https://www.rad.org.uk/learn-to-dance/find-an-rad-teacher. 

No harm in ringing or emailing each of those bods and asking what they can suggest.

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@Terpsichore Excellent thank you very much for the link! That's a really useful tool for the future too. I've noted down the two schools to give a call, fingers crossed! 


@BadBallerina Yes I'd had a look at Danscentre I noticed the teachers have some great experience. I ruled it out because I'm not sure how confident I'd be driving on the country roads to get there, I'm too used to driving on the righthand side of the road just now! Maybe once I'm braver ;) 

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