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Press Release: Wanted: dancers to join The Chelmsford Ballet Company's ranks

Jan McNulty

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Wanted: dancers to join The Chelmsford Ballet Company's ranks


The esteemed Chelmsford Ballet Company will hold its annual auditions for dancing membership on Sunday 19 June 2016 at CYGAMS HQ, Chelmsford. Applications are sought from male and female dancers to join the Company, with the closing date for applications set for 5 June.

Following a ballet class before a panel of distinguished adjudicators, successful candidates are invited to join the Company as either junior, general or senior dancing members, and will be eligible to audition for its annual production. Only members may audition to dance in this production, for which separate auditions are held later in the year in October.

If you are unable to audition on 19 June, a provisional date for second auditions has been set for 4 September, dependent on demand. For more information about auditioning for the company, contact the Membership Secretary on CBCenquiries@hotmail.com or visit the Company website www.thechelmsfordballetcompany.co.uk

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