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The Magic of Ballet Magazine Collection, in Original condition, c/w the original gifts still sealed


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The Passage below is taken from the inside of the front cover of the advertising pamphlet.

“The Magic of Ballet Magazine is the very first magazine collection produced in association with the Royal Ballet Covent garden. With Exclusive access to the Royal Ballet’s dazzling costume collection and extensive photography archive, along with the contribution of expert consultants – including dancers and members of the costume, props and scenery departments – readers will gain a unique insight into the exciting worlds of The Royal Ballet. Plus by reading the Ballet Dancer’s Diary, you’ll find out what it’s like at the Royal Ballet School!”


The Collection is in original condition and complete with all the original gifts and trinkets that came with each magazine, they were originally bi weekly and the run of magazines was from 1 - 60 individual magazines via subscription, each issue was £2.99 so in all the collection cost £179.40, this collection has been stored in a box in the attic as my daughter didn’t want to “touch” them when she first received them, she wished to keep them safe to read and enjoy at a later date, however, her tastes changed and Highland Dancing became her choice, so the magazines and gifts were placed in the attic and forgotten about until now, I’m sure these magazines would be loved and enjoyed by any young Ballerina out there or any young girl who loves dancing, a real bargain at less than half the original cost and is no longer available, the charms that come with the magazines are Silver plated & not plastic, comes with the makeup storage tin, Ballet bag, jewellery box and tiara, all of the charms and makeup are still sealed onto the front of the magazine they came with, it's a shame to have this collection sitting in a box in the attic when someone could get the enjoyment that it was meant to give.


I’ve just discovered that No 5 is missing from the collection this must’ve been an oversight by the publishing company as no 6 is still sealed in the original clear cellophane wrapper, 5 and 6 should’ve been supplied together, I didn’t discover the omission until I’d opened the grey postal bag they came in originally.


I’m looking for £60 for the lot, however, may be open to a reasonable offer, I've boxed it all an I'm willing to post within the Uk, I'll use a courier so it will be tracked from me to you.

If you require any further information please feel free to get in touch. (once I've figured out how to attach a photo I will do so.

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Sorry I didn't appreciate that you can't edit a post after 30 minutes, I've had to put the photo here




Hopefully this will work ok.


Yes worked a treat.

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