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Upper school finals advice please

Flexible Fred

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Hi all

Can anyone enlighten me of what happens at upper school finals ? Tring, and Elmhurst

Do they have to do their solos again at Tring ?

Is it the case of everyone on a level playing field or do they take into consideration their first audition and have the details of that in front of them ?

Are they now looking for that ' something special ' wow factor ?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated



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At Elmhurst there will be current year 11 pupils in the audition class too if they are hoping on joining the sixth form. There will also be the yr 11 pupils from WL that have got through prelims and want to be considered, the size of this group depends on when the Royal Upper School results are out.


Other than the above can offer no insight into what the audition panel are looking for in the candidates as it is something that gets pondered here yearly with no conclusion.

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It was 2014 but from memory, DD didn't do solo again at Tring - some had physio (DD didn't but did get a funded place). Central definitely had phsio and I think Elmhurst did. Make sure to buy an open train ticket for Central finals as some had call back at the end of the day, so I was really glad that I hadn't booked a specific train. Try and relax and enjoy the day (easier said than done) and it's best not to think that having physio or being called back etc means a place will be given or not as it can be very random. Good luck to all and the results do come out fairly quickly :) 

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