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ISTD teaching qualifications

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Wondering if anyone can help with info on becoming ISTD qualified (tap & maybe modern) Website gives info but I'm not entirely clear what's involved in reality.


I have the relevant exams up to Adv1 (experience of Adv2 but didn't do the exams) so that's fine, I find an appropriate approved dance centre school to do DDI? How much experience of the syllabus are you meant to do? You sit the exam when ready and are an ISTD qualified teacher? Then there are the other units such as health & safety, are they separate to the rest?


Just trying to work out how feasible it would be to do as my nearest approved dance centre is quite a journey away (not so many in Scotland). I already teach & have lots of experience, not sure if that would count.


Thanks for any info!

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DD started her DDI (Tap & Modern) this year


There seem (I am no expert & my information is by teenager so may be warped!!) to be 4 units


1) Observation of classes & writing them up

2) Health & Safety (covered as part of DD's Diploma)

3) DD has to take some more exams (intermediate)

4) Actual teaching exam


That doesn't help much does it?  Sorry

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Hi there, I can personally recommend the course that is offered by Italia Conti for DDI teaching qualifications. My son has

not long completed his DDI ballet (funnily enough he is in the picture attached 3rd from the front). They were very supportive in all areas. You have to be dedicated, there is a lot of input/work needed (I think particularly so for the ballet one) but they have very good tutors to guide you along. Good luck.

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You have to find a school with 'Approved Tutors' there is a link on the ISTD website. 


My daughter has been following this programme for a DDI you need to hold an Intermediate level exam for the genre being examined, Adv 1 is needed for DDE.


There are a lot of 'regular' dance schools which will allow you to follow the course part-time, along with A levels, and other work commitments. 

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Yeah there are a few but pretty spread out & will involve a bit of travel. Only one in my (big) city! ISTD not as common here. I have Inter (& beyond) & many years teaching experience, just not ISTD. It's just not entirely clear from ISTD website if there are parts you can do yourself (eg anatomy)or if it's all through the approved dance centre. I'm thinking I might have to do it through private lessons with them, at least for the actual practical part) so if I can study bits by myself it'll save time & money!

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