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Cake ideas

Ja Sm

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a birthday ballet themed cake for 15 year old dd? I am not massively artistic but can have a go if the concept isn't too difficult. Everything I have found looks hugely ambitious for me, with my two cake tins!!

Thank you..in anticipation.

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Pick a favourite colour, get two of those mini pointe shoes in that colour, you know the keyring type ones? Sew matching mini ribbons. Make two round cakes, ones slightly smaller than the other.

Ice them in the favourite colour but slightly contrasting so the smaller one slightly paler.


Stack cakes. Pipe happy birthday with mini pointe shoes placed artistically. Get some matching colour net and make a of it to circle the bottom cake. Decorate a bit.



Sort of like this but less fancy and with actual mini pointe shoes. And maybe not pink! Hope that helped a little?

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if you can find a ballerina cookie (biscuit ) cutter, you can just make a plain cake, ice it, and then decorate it by sticking ballerina cookies in the icing around the edge of the top of the cake (assuming your 15-yr-old is a girl).

I was also lucky enough to find some "prince" cookie cutters in a "fairytale cookie cutters" collection that also had a tiara.

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