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Major Excitement New Easter School!!


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Olivia Pickford of OPES International Ballet has announced the below. We are so excited about this and DD cannot wait, we already have reserved a place. Samira Saidi, Fiona Brockway, Alain Dubriel and Errol Pickford on the faculty with Sarah Lamb as Patron!



I wanted to put this post up once the website was done but since the Autumn leaves are disappearing I need to be swift. It is with huge delight ( and a few nerves) thst I announce I am starting a very new Annual Easter Course called Malvern Ballet Seminars (MBS). It is residential in the beautiful school Malvern St James in Worcestershire. We have the amazing faculty of Samira Saidi ( Director of English National Ballet School) Fiona Brockway( Royal Ballet/ Hammond

Alain Dubriel ( Former Principal BRB/ BRB Ballet Master) and this wonderful man called Errol Pickford ( Former Principal of Royal/Graduate teacher at Elmhurst )

I am also delighted to announce Sarah Lamb, Principal of the Royal Ballet will be Patron for MBS. Utterly honoured and has made me incredibly light headed.


Dates are 29th March- 1st April 2016

Price- Not too bad!

Enquires - malvernballetseminars@gmail.com


OPES still happening in the Summer as couldn't imagine life without it but MBS is a personal new venture for Easter time only.

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