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  1. Indeeds that's what I'm looking into, I might try out the Scottish Ballet adult ones, see how they are, as when I looked they are the least out of the way in terms of getting there from where i'd be going to University, although I still have a while to look until then. But also as said before I know they are over subscribed so I'll make my mind up before the summer. But thanks anyways, I think grades are just too late for me, as in adult classes do not do grades so it is unlikely to be accessible for me. So I will just try out the intermediate/improver ballet classes. And I will have 5 years
  2. Yeah, it is interesting seeing everyone's responses, just to clarify (although no one is disputing it), I want the more graded/set work to broaden my vocabulary so-to-speak, so that if i do end up going into an amature ballet company in my spare time I will be 'fluent' in anything and everything, although there is always time to learn and improve. I do agree that expression is also very important, but then again this is a fine balance between technique and expression. An expressionless dancer who does the most spectacular moves will probably still get a round-of-applause from the audience, alt
  3. @BeaverElliot Indeeds it should prove challenging which is what I like, although I have moved a little off wanting exact grades as my Grade 6 being close to the 'end', I will look for the intermediate ones. I never thought that I'd have to start from the beginning, but yeah the terminology will be different and that is what I'll have to get to grips with, but that is part of the learning curve. Anyways thanks for all your help, I now know where to angle my research, hopefully I find something that ticks most of the boxes if not all of them.
  4. Thanks for everyone's replies, although I have been doing ISTD for some time now I never actually realised it only went up to grade 6 , but thinking about this it actually makes sense as there was a girl in a higher class that was doing intermediate, but none doing 'grade 7 or 8' as I guess they never existed. So yeah this does sound interesting, and the RAD stuff sounds okay but I don't really want 'dancy' ironically I love technical activities, stuff I have to really try hard to perfect and perform, but the intermediate adult classes seem to be the most promising out of the lot. @Beaver
  5. Pretty sure it is imperial, I've never seen the word Cecchetti on any of my certificates/anywhere else before. Is Cecchetti similar?
  6. Disclaimer: I understand there is many threads on topics talked about here but I just needed to collate them, and I do not know exactly where I was meant to post this, or what tags...Just chose two which would prompt the best outcome (an ISTD adult class in Glasgow). Hi, I am a 17 year old male, (well would be 18 when this is relevant) anyway, so I'm currently doing Grade 6 ISTD (will be doing the exam this summer), I have been dancing since I was 7 doing grades 1-2 with RAD but started ISTD at 11 with a different teacher as I did not like her. But I do not wish a career in dance, so I am
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