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  1. Just thought this fab story would cheer us all up.... a Nigerian boy whose dance video went viral, leading to an offer of a scholarship at American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance in New York City. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post... please just let me know! https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/nigerian-boy-wins-scholarship-after-dancing-in-rain/#.XzvGnUzHk2c.gmail
  2. Anyone looking to sell on a YDA Associates white embroidered leotard in 10-12 (https://dancique.co.uk/products/yda-associate-girls-skirted-leotard-white?variant=22860870983) and/or Sancha Warm-Up in XP (https://dancique.co.uk/products/yda-sansha-warm-up?variant=43640554132)?
  3. Thank you!! Thats all v helpful x Dd has been joining the Zoom classes already and is loving them. The teaching is amazing even now (so my expectations for Sept are high!) and they really seem to have thought things through meticulously - I'm very impressed with everything I've seen so far.
  4. Does anyone have a dd at YDA Associates? Mine is joining this Sept and I'm looking at uniform. There are some optional items- warm up and tracksuit and I'd like to know whether most kids wear them? If they do I'd like to get them but don't want to waste money if most don't use them. And any tips on other things for a YDAAC newbie much appreciated!
  5. Congratulations to all! Sadly a no for dd but it nicely makes the decision for me on her YDA offer. I suspect their approach will be better for her but I know she'll be disappointed not to have got the offer from the JAs. I'll have to think of a way to break the news gently...
  6. Makes sense - my dd is young for her year and our video was watched early on, even though we sent our link quite late.
  7. I *think* they started with London (if it's by venue) as ours was watched v early on. Can't really work out whether they are going by venue though? As first I thought so, as I assumed that they must be going with whatever structure they had for auditions initially, which is venue based obviously, but then realised they must have put loads of staff on furlough so maybe that becomes irrelevant. Not that I'm overthinking this or anything 😆 Dd has an offer from elsewhere and is really enjoying her interim Zoom lessons with them and the longer this takes, the more I prevaricate about the best thing to do whatever the outcome, partly (mostly) because I just like to make a decision and move on ... the uncertainty is killing me 😬
  8. There's a YouTube video floating around on this forum somewhere, with Natalia Osipova talking about ballet training as a child and starting on pointe at 6 - and she seems fine right? I'm not saying it's a great idea - I have absolutely zero ballet knowledge and am just a curious outsider, just to be clear - but how did she get away with it and what would have happened had it gone wrong? Hope I'm not hijacking your thread and that answers to this will be useful to you glowlight? And good luck with the novel! How exciting!
  9. Vimeo does give you audience analytics but I'm not sure whether a. It's massively accurate b. What it means if they've watched a lot or a little (nothing to compare to) and c. Exactly what all the various figures mean 😆 So I'm not putting much store by anything but I'm dead impressed that they've got onto these so quickly.
  10. Anyone else spotted that their videos have been watched?
  11. Also London - so yes, maybe London got onto their's first? Just checked and they watched it on Saturday, so they're obviously doing all they can to get through them asap.
  12. Yes - ours was viewed on Sunday I think so they're working hard to get through them all!!!
  13. We put ours on Vimeo so it will at least be obvious when they view it because if there's a view showing, it can't be anyone else - at least I hope so. But I can't believe they're going to sit down and watch every single one from beginning to end. I mean it would be amazing if they did, but they'd be there til Christmas!
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