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  1. Hi, another JA4 mum here, where are you heading in from? Our journey also starts around 06:30 as well, and we get there for 08:55 ish, upside is Covent Garden is so quiet, it is wonderful.
  2. Let me know when girls results come out x
  3. I understood 30 mins before so they are dressed and ready to go, then we are staying for 30 mins to talk to teacher and watch the exercises they are to do at home.
  4. Hi, all getting very exciting now, uniform ready to go and one little boy over the moon with excitement ... Just want to ask is there anyone else doing boys class, Saturday, Covent Garden driving in from M3? We are coming from Andover.
  5. Thanks so much for all the info, ordering now x
  6. Hi, JA Boys parents, l read a couple of weeks ago about the uniform, but can't remeber what you all recommended, do we buy to size or smaller or bigger? thanks in advance x
  7. Hi, DS is London 4, 32 weeks, any parents in the group here ?
  8. Congratulations, now l am the 'only man standing' feels lonely out here lol !!!
  9. I really think we won't hear, have such a bad feeling it is going to be Monday.
  10. Now l am refreshing email, this forum and dashboard !!!! crazy
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