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  1. Hi, looking for a couple of bright coloured leotards, wanted as spares . Size M or size 10. If you could give me name/style and the brand I will look online to save you uploading a pic Nothing too expensive please as just needed up to the end of Summer term. Thank you
  2. Hi,please may I have the Bloch ladies black cap sleeved strappy back leotard. Ladies size M. Been worn but still excellent condition and not faded at all. £6 inc p&p and Aurora camisole pinch front leotard, scoop back. Ladies size M. Black. Bust lining. £8 inc p&p If you can let me know how much both will be inc postage. many thanks
  3. Sorry,yes,mark on the sheet music. Mine just did the song
  4. She needs to bring the whole song and know her character well.
  5. The acting is a workshop, you will get a selection of scripts a couple of weeks before. They will be able to choose characters from it but make sure she knows all characters well and research them you tube etc. I don't want to tell you what the scenes were from as it would be unfair to others but it was good fun,my daughter really enjoyed her day. Dance was tough in parts,ballet is very closely observed, more than the jazz. Choose the best part of the song to show her voice and remember to act. Don't let other more confident appearing applicants put her off,remain focused and take lots of snacks! Not too much make up either,there definitely isn't a Laine look contrary to rumours, all shapes ,sizes,races ,sexes attend. Mine was offered a place despite only dancing for 5 years which is a massive achievement.
  6. Absolutely agree, great advice.Her vocational school is very well balanced in that respect. I have had a look at your website and it's really informative,wish you were down South.
  7. So many varying opinions, thank you. I guess she will have to see what she enjoys and what is of best benefit and what I can afford !
  8. I did wonder about yoga,will add it to the list,thank you.
  9. Thank you both,she isn't hypermobile, I can see how that can prove tricky. She does 45 mins cardio each morning,she is physically strong ,slim build and has excellent stamina. If she runs she might want me to go with her and that's a no no for me!
  10. Hi I am thinking ahead to possibly my daughter not getting a place at drama school to do MT and trying to have some options in place. Fingers crossed it won't come to it but I would rather have something in hand. ( funding issues ) Apart from some dance classes and workshops that she can do- what can she do to keep up her level of fitness? She has been at a vocational 6th form with over 30 hours a week contact time so really needs to keep up the stamina she has developed. Many thanks
  11. Thank you for the info. Oh no !! I hope you will get offered one again in the future .
  12. Thanks. Seems silly though as funding would be based on a salary I no longer earn which seems really unfair as isn't a true reflection on household income.
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