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  1. Okay. So she needs to mark on the sheet music her 24 bars? Also for the singing bit is it just the song or any scales?
  2. Thanks so much for your comments! They are very helpful to also here from a parent of a student there. One of the reasons my daughter likes Laine is because the standard of ballet also seems good which is important for her as she is quite classically trained but has started to move into music theatre. One of my concerns is the finance. I’ve heard that there are DADAS and scholarships available but although my daughter is a very strong technical dancer, her singing and acting is weaker so I’m guessing she probability wouldn’t be likely to get that? Also for t
  3. Hello, I am from Germany and my daughter (17) will be audition for Laine Theatre Arts in April. Coming from Germany and English not her first language it would be really great to know how the day works in more detail and any tips as she is already nervous!! also she has less singing and acting training so any tips for that would help- 1) how do you mark on sheet music your chosen 16-24 bars 2) what do they do in the acting workshop? thanks so much for any help!
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