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  1. Selling yumiko: Meagan N-Rosewood, Mesh Brule with 3/4 length sleeves and N-Antique Rose trim, with bust lining and high cut leg, size large Bought originally for over £75 and never worn so looking for around £60. Message for pictures.
  2. Collections by claudia leotard in the style sylvia, colour forest and size medium from the first ever collection for sale. Really flattering leotard and not worn much. Selling for £50 as it was over £100 originally due to postage, customs etc.
  3. Last year I got the results on April the 11th if that helps x
  4. Is anyone else going to the Central one day ballet intensive on the 30th May?
  5. I’ve got a place on elmhurst senior summer school, can’t wait!
  6. Thank you will try the calamine lotion this time and the full elastic ribbon next time.
  7. Yes but I like to have the ribbons with the elastic bit in them and I don’t think they do that
  8. Thank you will buy some calamine lotion and I have gaynor mindem ribbon and Russian pointe shoes
  9. My pointe shoes are a whitish pink and my ribbons are more pinky and it is quite an obvious difference so I was wondering if there is any way to get them the same colour or to whiten the ribbons a bit.
  10. When do the results for the elmhurst and English national ballets summer school come out?
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