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  1. Well, thanks to this thread, I have amazing news! We received a funded offer but from elsewhere so am in the position of turning down NBS so hopefully someone else can benefit there. If I hadnt joined this forum and had the benefit of your experiences I would not be saying this! I don't want to out myself or my daughter but thank you to all the contributors here and good luck to others seeking help. You're amazing xx
  2. I am so grateful for all the replies so thank you all.
  3. Thank you for that. What a great forum this is! I'm not sure she can get a student loan at 16 though? I just worry that this is her only chance.
  4. Thanks for all these lovely and useful replies. I'm holding out some hope. She definitely wants the ballet course so if she ends up doing her a levels instead, where would we be applying to in order to get a ballet course with a student loan instead of dada. It seems daft that student funding isn't offered alongside dada funding if you don't get a dada? I didn't realise all of this when she was applying which makes me feel really sad.
  5. Thanks people. It sounds dramatic but it's breaking my heart! thank you all for your replies,
  6. Thank you. We do email them. Good luck to you too. It's unfortunate to have the talent to get in but not the money.
  7. Hello all, my daughter was offered a place at NBS. However she was not offered funding, she is on the reserve list for funding and they said they'd let us know if anything was available. As more time goes by, I am thinking it's now unlikely she will be offered anything so she won't be able to go. Am I just hoping against the impossible? Is there any chance now? Sorry for posting twice!
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