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  1. No I hadn't realised they were doing recalls either. And at the audition they definitely said we'd hear via email and yet people seem to have had letters (bet that's cost them a pretty penny! Sending out 300+ letters!). Argh! It's driving me insane. Fingers crossed for a letter tomorrow! Lol.
  2. Have you heard of anyone getting a yes yet? I don't know many who auditioned but have heard a couple of girls have been recalled.
  3. Anyone still waiting to hear? My son auditioned last Sunday and we were told that we'd hear within the week but nothing yet! And if people have heard was it via post or email? I don't think my nerves can take much more!!!
  4. Just read this whole thread (dh thinks I've gone mad, giggling at the phone!). I know most of you are from last years auditions but my boy has recently been offered a year 4 place at the Dartington centre starting in September. His dance teacher sent six children (4 girls and 2 boys) 3 girls and both boys got straight yes's and the last got swl. She has since been offered a place (therefore all six have places). There were about 45 auditioned at our centre, we think for 7 or 8 spaces so this is a huge achievement. Can't wait to get to it now!
  5. My dd1, 13 now, started ballet 11 years ago, aged 2, once a week. It definitely snowballs! She's now 13, doing a baseline 19 & a half hours a week of dance (ballet, tap, modern, jazz, Greek, street, body conditioning and contemporary). It's definitely her passion! I have five children, all four of the oldest ones dance. My 8 year old son has just got into JAs (something I dismissed and didn't even try for with the older ones). He wants to BE Billly Elliot. My dh was dead against it when I took my oldest to her first lesson, now he's the one playing taxi to her! Getting them to classes
  6. My dd1, 13, has just had her schedule through for September. If she does every class she is eligible for (which she will) her hours at the studio, before group rehearsals/privates, will be almost 20hours a week. How does this compare with others? She is advanced foundation ballet, inter foundation modern and grade 6 tap, also does song and dance, contemporary, jazz, Greek and body conditioning.
  7. Hi does anyone have any experience of this school? Dd1 wants to audition for entry in sept 2014, and looking at their website they appear to follow RAD which is what she has been studying up to now. Would be interested to speak to someone who has first hand experience of them though!
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