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RBS ROH 8th July tickets for sale

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I am unable to use my tickets on Sunday so have 2 for sale, amphitheatre. I’m looking to get back what I paid, £66 in total which includes a programme voucher. 

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i would be interested in them thanks. I’m new to this, so I don’t know how it works?

Thank you,

Hayley. X

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Just for info, no time to start another thread - there are 2 Balcony seats available now midday, Friday, if anyone is still looking.  They are on the ROH site.

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Posted (edited)

There are now (1:30 pm. Friday) 19 tickets available including 15 amphi. They're mostly Friday Rush tickets (see https://www.roh.org.uk/events/friday-rush) and will probably go quickly

Edited by Yaffa
to clarify about Friday Rush tickets

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I sold mine back to the opera house in the end as they hadn’t sold on here in time for me to deliver tickets. The two you saw hambleton maybe were mine. Hope everyone who wants to go can do so. 

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