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  1. Since many of you in this forum are in England, I was wondering if any have seen this ballet; would love to hear your thoughts about it. I adore almost anything about Frida Kahlo so I wish Broken Wings would make it here to The States. Since at the moment I am out of luck in that regard, if anyone out there is attending the April performances and is interested in being the eyes and ears of The Traveling Ballerina, I would love to chat about you writing a review for the website - it would be wonderful to expose more of the going-ons in London to those on the other side of the Atlantic
  2. Although I had moments of "wow" during the evening, this production felt a bit incohesive to me. Here are some more of my thoughts - has anyone else seen Raise the Red Lantern?
  3. So, just as Cunard and ENB are collaborating, so are Celebrity Cruises and ABT. Here's all the information I've put together so far. As I am also a travel agent, I am in contact with the cruise line directly to see if there is more information they will allow me to publish; I will update my article any time I get some new scoop!
  4. You're welcome, @squadron! I look forward ro seeing Mr. Whiteside more in the future, especially in roles driven by character. Based on our opinions together, it sounds like he has a broad range...something I really appreciate in an artist.
  5. This is all so wonderful, @Peanut68! Are you training to teach a specific method? It makes me so happy to hear that you and ballet have reunited
  6. I hadn't really thought about this in a while, but today was inspired to share what retirement was like for me. I am sure that many of you out there are retired professional ballet dancers - what was your process like?
  7. Well I am envious of your access to the likes of Royal Ballet and ENB! I've yet to see them perform live.
  8. You're welcome, @Don Q Fan! I hope to see more of Ratmansky in the future because I really enjoyed what I saw the other night. Question: I find Sleeping Beauty to often be a bit lengthy for my taste (Prologue, Act I, Act II, Act III...!) Does Ratmansky magically make it move along at a quicker pace? If so, I'm in! Thank you for appreciating my review
  9. I attended the opening last night and think that Harlequinade is precious. The evening flew as I was thoroughly enjoying myself the entire time. If you're interested, here's my review Anyone else attend?
  10. I searched the forum to check if anyone else has seen or commented about Bourne's Cinderella but couldn't find anything. I went to the performance last night at The Kennedy Center, and I'm sorry to say that I was disappointed. I really wanted to love it considering the high praises I have heard from colleagues and reviews of his other productions. If you're interested, here are some of my thoughts about the show. And I would truly appreciate reading the opinion of others, especially from those who enjoyed it.
  11. Actually, for some reason the link in my original post didn't work...it was supposed to be this
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