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  1. I had the privilege of being granted access to a prescreening of In Balanchine's Classroom, a documentary by former ballet dancer Connie Hochman. I think that any ballet aficionado will appreciate it whether it's for the intimate and some never been seen before footage, the interviews with some of his dancers, or the insight into Balanchine's ways. Here's a link to my thoughts supplemented by Hochman's answers to some of my questions.
  2. I found "The Celebration" - Artistic Director Marcello Angelini‚Äės beautifully crafted ‚Äúsentimental journey‚ÄĚ of his twenty-six years in leadership - to be a visual tale of diversity executed by a spirited generation of talent.; here's my review. I kind of regret not having auditioned for him as a dancer... the company it beautiful!
  3. If anyone is interested in hearing a dancer's perspective, here's our interview with Regina. I'm impressed - I know that as a classically-trained ballet dancer, I would have been so intimidated by hip hop!
  4. When I heard the news that Marcello Angelini has commissioned a hip hop piece for the company's final program of the season, I was intrigued! So I reached out to them and was granted the opportunity to interview Jennifer Weber, probably more known in this ballet space for her work with Tiler Peck and Brooklyn Mack and possibly for The Hip Hip Nutcracker, to find out more about this unique creative process. I'm also working on an interview with Regina Montgomery, one of the featured dancers in the work, to learn what her experience has been like. Stay tuned!
  5. Gavin Larsen is a first-time author who has just published a memoir about - as the title so precisely expresses - Being a Ballerina: The Power and Perfection of a Dancing Life. I highly recommend this book for aspiring dancers who wish to have insight into the industry, as well as current or retired professionals who will find so much detail, emotion, and experience that they can relate to. As the author herself suggests, although the stories are (obviously) about ballet, anyone who is passionate about something in particular will be able to see themselves in her writing. Larsen is an excellent storyteller - in fact, you may have already read her in Pointe or Dance Teacher, publications for which she is a contributor. Here's the link to read more about Gavin, an interview with her, and links to purchase her book should you feel inspired to do so
  6. Has anyone watched Jewels yet? All around I enjoyed the production, but was not a fan of Froustey's interpretation in Rubies. Here's my review - would love to hear what others thought.
  7. One of our contributors found the triple bill to be "nostalgic, sublime, and flirtatious"(here's her review). I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend.
  8. Writing these reviews gives me a chance to actively reflect on the art I have just seen and often brings to my attention just how much a piece has impacted me. It felt especially the case with this program.
  9. Here's my review of a wonderful program with variations from the most well-known to the more obscure of classical ballets.
  10. I may watch Bernstein again as I seem to be one of only a few who was not wowed by it; perhaps I will get something different out of it next time!
  11. Aside from Skylar Brandt's performances, I was not as wowed as I was hoping to be by this performance. I was especially unenthused about the premiere of Bernstein in a Bubble...Here's my review; has anyone else watched this yet?
  12. Wonderful and you're welcome! Did you read or listen to it? Willie's voice is amazing!
  13. An inspirational essay for young students and professionals alike regarding what it means to take risks as a dancer.
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