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  1. Aw lovely maybe we will see each other. My ds has been offered 24 sessions - glad about that as he has only just turned 8
  2. Are there any other London year 4’s on here boy or girl? X
  3. So sorry for all the no’s this year, hope your DC try again next year. Well done to all the yes & waiting xx.
  4. Sorry to hear that tiredtoes hope your DD is ok. X
  5. I hope so for you all - keeping everything crossed! X
  6. OMG he got in!!! I am thrilled and cannot wait to tell him. 🙌🤗 Good luck to all of you waiting x
  7. I have everything crossed for you. Still nothing here we were last group of the day on Tuesday. I wonder if it’s only yes’s that are out 😢??
  8. Now that would have been a very sensible idea 🤣 expat what day & group result are you waiting for? X
  9. Motomum can you tell me which group your son was in? Mine was group 5 x
  10. Refreshing like a mad woman - not sure I am cut out for all this 🤣
  11. Fantastic news huge congratulations!! still waiting on year 4 result gulp
  12. I have been wondering about the height thing too, my little boy is definitely on the petite side and did look like one of the youngest (turned 8 week of audition). I wonder if today is the day???
  13. Bottle sounds good 🍷 - till tomorrow ladies x
  14. Please let it not be 20th / 21st I really can’t wait 2 more days argggh!
  15. Still holding out for an email today lots of people mentioned last minute 5.30pm emails coming out last year. The wait is agonising x
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