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Would anyone like the Magic Ballerina books for the cost of postage?


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I've been having a clear out, and have found Darcey Bussell's Magic Ballerina series virtually untouched and in very good condition.


If anyone would like them please PM me - you only need to pay me for the postage which is £2.20 second class and £2.70 first class.


If this is in the wrong forum I apologise (but there is a great deal of Doing Dance in the books)!

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I haven't heard from you, Carol - would you please get in touch so I can do something with these books?

I've emailed and PM'd you and sent a paypal invoice. I prefer not to post them before receiving payment even though it's only for postage!


Not a problem if you have changed your mind but I would like to know.... Thanks.

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Hi Ruth,


Paypal invoice paid, & emailed you.


sorry for being incommunicado since Thursday, my neighbour is in Intensive Care, I even had to give up my Grand Tier seat for Ballo/ Sylphide rehearsal.


thanks again



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