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Tring summer school


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Does anyone have any experience of the Tring summer school?

The website says there are classes in classical ballet, modern, street, character, repertoire and musical theatre but students can choose to do either 1, 2 or 3 days so presumably depending on how may days you attended you wouldn't do all the classes. Does anyone know how this works? Can you choose what classes you take?

Thank you :)

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My 2 eldest DDs did it last year. Yes you can choose your classes but most kids chose the whole day instead. They did a ballet class everyday and some other classes and it changed everyday. They were both in the top class (they were then 11 & 13) but didn't find it challenging enough even though pleasant. Mrs Schon is really nice and the atmosphere was very friendly. It's open to anyone so some of the girls had never done ballet... Anything else you'd like to know ?

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Just ballet Pointytoes22, character and contemporary were interesting even though not particularly difficult because different from the ones they do and they had never done Musicals before nor Jazz, so that was fun...

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