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The fabulous Cindy Crawford.

Lisa O`Brien

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The supermodel [and in my opinion the most beautiful of the 90`s supermodels],has been photographed in Marie Claire magazine. Nothing unusual about that. Except that the photos have been completely untouched. Not airbrushed or modified in any way. Cindy is more than happy to be photographed showing her midriff,which these days is less than perfect.You can also make out the cellulite on her thighs. Found the images via the Twitter belonging to Caroline Criado Perez. People are re-Tweeting the photo. It sends,I think,such a positive image of a beautiful woman now in  her forties,who has had children,and has the confidence to be photographed as she looks in real life today. Fab. [sorry,I don`t know how to post a link to the photo,but if you Google Cindy Crawford Marie Claire Magazine you will come across it].

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