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Hi all, not been on here for a long time.


My dd is in year 10 so has to decide about auditions and schools. She is bright at school and loves her dancing and does very well

although she is not sure if she wants to do wholy ballet or performing arts in general.


She recently started teaching at the school and found she enjoys this too


She has been battling between performing and doing A levels. She has one teacher teliing her Alevels are more important for when she is older and last night another dance teacher not to give up on performing if its her first love.


I don't mind what she does but its a mindfield out there any suggestions gratefully recieved. We are in the greater London area



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Hi.I agree it is very difficult making choices.My daughter did auditions this time last year but was not successful unfortunately.She is now doing her first year of A levels but is still keen to audition again for ballet at degree level.I thought she would just concentrate on other subjects now but dance is what she loves to do.I'm glad we gave her the opportunity to audition otherwise she would always be wondering if she could have got a place and blaming us for not letting her try.

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It is possible to combine the two and several institutions offer A levels ,including Elmhurst and Tring. Some girls manage to study A levels in the evening at other schools, although after a very long day I'm sure that this would be exhausting.... but not impossible.

I would say no harm in applying and then looking at the options available to her and making a decision from there.

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Perhaps consider first ( if you haven't already) whether you can afford vocational school as once you step onto the auditions train its hard to get off! Sounds like you are well placed though being in London.

If your dd not likely to go into classical training then could be better to do A levels and then dance or performing arts degree at 18.

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