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Free intercity bus travel (12th Jan to 12th Feb)


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Megabus have just released 20,000 free seats covering most of their UK routes from 12th Jan to 12th Feb (Monday to Thursday only). There's a 50p. booking fee (per booking, not per ticket). More at: http://uk.megabus.com/free-seat-sale.aspx?utm_source=HOMEPAGE&utm_medium=BANNER&utm_campaign=FREESEATSALE2014. NB For a couple of routes for which there are no free tickets (e.g. Manchester to London) there are several ultra-cheap (£1+ 50p booking fee) tickets. Unfortunately, the free sale only covers Megabus' buses - not their trains. But you can find good deals on trains too.


Apart from their low price, the nice thing about Megabus tickets is that  all their bus and train tickets can be changed for just £1 (50p rebooking fee and 50p change fee) plus the difference in price between the old and new tickets. You can make changes  up to 24 hours before a bus journey and 48 hours before a train journey. So it can be very useful as a backup arrangement, or for trips which might be affected by ballet uncertainties (casting, results of auditions etc.)


Yaffa (with no connection to Megabus apart from being a very satisfied customer)

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