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New Series of NYCB shorts ....

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A wonderfully shot selection of shorts.  Watching the 'veterans' slot it made me think how many of these veterans have not been seen in London (sadly) in their major rank capacity if at all.  The last time NYCB appeared here was almost nine years ago and then - previous to that - almost a quarter century before.  Watching Kathleen Tracey who is now a ballet mistress .... it made me think that she and her sister (Margaret Tracey who was a principal) would never have been seen in London at all.  (Many here, of course, would have seen her I'm sure in NYCB's more frequent seasons in Paris.)  I know how much a local connection is for many readers, so I am glad I can point out that Martin Harvey (ex-RB) appears briefly in his role as husband to Maria Kowroski, NYCB principal.  It's lovely to see how casually Craig Hall's husband is incorporated into those proceedings.  Times they have changed.  (It 's hard for me to imagine that Kowroski is now the oldest NYCB principal after the retirement of Wendy Whelan.  I well remember when she [Kowroski that is - although I could say the same about Whelan who I remember when she was in her SAB graduating class programme) was thrown into her first principal role (as a dominating Siren to the dazzling Damian Woetzel's Prodigal Son) when she was but 17.  It was, I promise, a VERY good year :) )


Just watched the 'inspirations' tab ... and found it ... erm ... inspiring :) 

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