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Ultra-cheap treats...


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For folks wanting to send care packages to vocational schools or treats to enjoy in half term, you can often get huge discounts on items which are approaching or have just passed their best-by dates, but are still within safe limits. There's an online shop in the UK specialising in such items: http://www.approvedfood.co.uk/ . (I'm deliberately not giving my refer-a-friend code in this forum, but once you have registered on the website, you will get a refer-a-friend link which will give you credit when friends register and make a purchase.) Some of their stuff is cheaper elsewhere, and it's generally only worthwhile using the site if you want a large order, but there are some excellent bargains there. e.g. Today they have  wasabee sauce for 1p instead of  £1.53 (maximum 1 per person),  and Walkers crisps 4 for £1. Minimum order is £15, then postage is from £5.25 depending on weight.


Expiry dates are listed next to each item. Particularly if you're buying items to send in care packages to vocational schools etc. I'd recommend choosing from the many items on the site which are just approaching the expiry dates, rather than those where the date is in the past.


Today's monesavingexpert.com's newsletter has a discount code which you can obtain at:


It can be used until tomorrow (Thursday) night to get 10% off an order. The page also has an explanation of 'best before' and 'use by' dates.I expect that the mention in today's moneysavingexpert.com bulletin might affect availability of products and/or delivery time, but the site is usually easy and fast to use with a very good selection of products.


Yaffa (frequent user of such products but of course everyone needs to check with their own sources about what is and isn't safe and acceptable. No connection to the above, just passing on the info).


[edited to include link to correct typo and to add the link to the discount code and info on the moneysavingexpert.com site]

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Edited to correct link
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