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'LIttle Dancer' Segments & Live Stream ...

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You can see a rehearsal of the opening number from LITTLE DANCER here.  If you pull through to 5.35 you can see Tiler Peck dance up a storm in the title role in the final minute.  Don't know at what point this was filmed in rehearsal.  It certainly was before they were in the theatre - where they are now and are currently performing.  Word of mouth apparently has been very positive.  The show 'officially' opens at the Kennedy Center on 20th November ... and closes on 30th November?  Will Broadway beckon?  Time will tell.  (If so, the Fairchild clan (husband Robbie in American in Paris opposite RB's Leanne Cope, wife Tiler Peck (Fairchild) in Little Dancer and sister to the husband, Megan Fairchild in the current On the Town revival on the Great White Way) could ALL be up for Tonys.  That would be a NYCB record methinks.  

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Today's Links include an article from the Washington Post that takes the extended 'opening' of Little Dancer as the basis for an examination of the whole process of getting to Broadway.  Quite a business ... literally.



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 Quite a business ... literally.



.... and ... lest we forget .... has long been so.  (Part of this article made it sound as if it was a relatively new enterprise.  It's definitely not.)


Thanks for this, Ian. 

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