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Bruised toe nails - help please ?


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I tend to get bruised toe nails while dancing on pointe. Especially on my big toe.

My nail recently grew out, and now it is bruised again.. I have a performance in 2 months and I'm afraid that I'll lose the nail before the performance. Which means I have to dance without the nail. Something I find way too painful.

Any tips on how to make the nail better?

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Arnica might help with the discomfort but I would suggest getting it checked by a podiatrist as you may have damaged the nail bed and they can advise best way to care for it. It will be a case of letting nature take its course though and waiting for the nail to grow out or fall off.


Also get your pointe shoes checked. The trauma normally occurs because the toe is banging against the end of the shoe. 

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I agree with the above. :)

There should be no weight on the big toe (or any toes) in the shoe, the box should support the toes at their base and stop them from descending into the box and bearing weight.


If the box is too big, there will be problems like you describe in new shoes.


As a shoe "dies" and the box becomes softer or stretches, then bruised toe nails can result! I would take your shoes into your dance shop and ask for an appraisal.


As Anjuli said you also need to make sure toe nails are short and do not extend over the end of your toes, as logic says there is more likelihood of your toe nails then bearing your weight - ouch!

Sheila x

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