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British Composer Sandy Wilson Dies at 90 ...

Bruce Wall

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Here's a little titbit.  I was at the premiere of Sandy Wilson's Valmouth in 1958  My mother, who was a professional dressmaker, was hired to help with the costumes and I went along with her quite often and also helped out with little things like flowers for the dresses.  I remember the costumes as being extremely over the top!  Anyway, we worked until the last minute and so they invited us to come along to the premiere.  We had house seats in the middle of the front row of the circle, if I remember rightly. I was only 11 (about the age I was in my profile picture!) and I remember someone in the audience making a remark that it was not a production that was suitable for children.  Reading about it on Google just now, I think she was probably right, but everything would have gone way over my head, so it didn't really matter.  I was just thrilled at seeing those wonderful costumes on stage.

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