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English National Ballet - Choreographics Evening - Details

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English National Ballet dancers show their skills as choreographers 
Dancers from English National Ballet demonstrate their skills as choreographers in 
the Company’s annual programme, Choreographics, which this year takes place 
at The Pit, Barbican on May 22-24. Four dancers from the Company have been 
selected to create new works inspired by texts about the First World War. They 
• Makoto Nakamura 
• Stina Quagebeur 
• Fabian Reimair 
• James Streeter 
Tamara Rojo said: “Choreographics is an excellent vehicle by which our own 
English National Ballet dancers can be nurtured in their personal development and 
understanding of choreography.” 
Under the direction of Associate Artist, George Williamson and with the guidance 
of Kerry Nicholls and Dr Bruce Wall (Executive Director, London Shakespeare 
Workout / LSW Prison Project) the choreographers have worked in collaboration 
with professional composers, who have in turn created new music for the pieces, 
to create original works inspired by texts about the First World War. 
The new works will be performed by dancers of the Company and will each be 
preceded by a film following the artistic journeys and in some cases a recital of the 
song created within the collaborative process. 
George Williamson commented: “Choreographics is so important to a ballet 
company developing its own artistic image. The dancers have been working with 
choreographers with differing voices and now it's their chance to find new paths, 
means of expression and even a new language. The Pit, with its tradition of 
playing host to new dance, is a wonderful environment for them to present this 
work offering a platform to showcase their artistic development." 
The winning choreography from English National Ballet School’s own competition 
will also feature in the programme. This opportunity gives young student dancers a 
chance to perform in a professional setting amongst professional dance works. 
Choreographics is generously supported by Jennifer and John Talbot. 
The Pit, Barbican, London 
020 7638 8891 
22 - 24 May 7:30pm 
24 May 2:30pm 
Repertoire and Creative 
Choreographer- James Streeter 
Dancers - Erina Takahashi, James Forbat, Nathan Young 
Composer - Christopher Hamilton (orchestrated by James Simpson) 
Choreographer- Stina Quagebeur 
Dancers - Nancy Osbaldeston, Guilherme Menezes 
Composer - Ivor Gurney 
Choreographer- Makoto Nakamura 
Dancers - Juan Rodriguez, Zdenek Konvalina, Joshua McSherry-Gray, Ksenia 
Composer - David Hewson 
Choreographer- Fabian Reimair 
Dancers - Adela Ramírez, Angela Wood, Janette Kakareka , Laurent Liotardo, 
Francisco Bosch 
Composer – Stephan Hodel 
Musicians - English National Ballet Chamber Ensemble, directed by Gavin 
Sutherland and recorded by Yohei Sasaki 
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