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Summer schools in the USA


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Hi does anybody know of any drama summer schools/summer programmes in New York? I know this is not really doing dance but a friends DS is looking for something for the month of August. I know some peoples DCs on this forum are at schools in the US.


Thanks in advance


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afraid no knowledge of drama even though DS is at school in USA- but I would say that most of the ballet SIs happen before we in the UK have broken up so there may not be much going on in August. Though they don't go back to school til beginning on Sept same time as we do- they just have a HUUUGE summer break (14 weeks).

You could ask on the US version of this forum 'ballet talk for dancers' at http://dancers.invisionzone.com/

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Thank you for the replies so far, I thought it was a long shot but thought I would ask anyway. I will keep searching, I have found a few possibilities and as the parents have the money the rest of us would like to have to be able to fund our DCs in their dancing dreams, they are happy to pay over the odds if necessary!

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