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Jan McNulty

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Well I saw Twelfth Night on Monday.


The new auditorium is the same shape as the old (thrust) but a gallery seating area has been added and it is very comfortable.  Due to difficulties parking and having to have my ticket exchanged I didn't have time to explore the front of house areas but it is very spacious and looks good.


The production itself was wonderful.  A truly superb ensemble cast had been assembled and it would be unfair of me to pick any one person out.  The opening seen where Viola is rescued from the sea is spectacular in a most unexpected way - I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was sat very close to the "rescue".  There was not much, in true Everyman style, of a set but I loved the garden effect when the potted plants came down every so often!  The 3 hours 20 minutes passed by in a flash - I was really surprised at the time when we got out.  Highly recommended.


Welcome back Everyman Theatre!

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