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Van Cleef and Arpels ballet jewellery


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Hope this is the right forum, please move if not.


Van Cleef and Arpels have a jewellery collection based on Russian ballets that's really spectacular; it's part of the Ballet Precieux collection. I saw it on their Facebook page today so I think it may be a new collection, although the Ballet Precieux collection seems to have been going for a while.




There's another collection based on the three acts of Balanchine's Jewels.




Doing a Google Image search on Ballet Precieux shows all sorts of other items that are apparently in this collection. Would be very nice to be able to afford one of the pieces!

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I liked the Opera Necklace too - for myself.  I'm in the same boat as The Quays as I would have to win the lottery to buy it.  Funnily enough I saw a gorgeous painting of a dancer in a shop window at the weekend but to be honest I imagine the frame alone would be pricey: I do wish those numbers would come up. 

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