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IDTA teaching qualifications


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Hi all,


I have done a search but not found exactly what I was looking for, only from a long time ago so wanted to find out whether it was up to date. Basically, I have a very exciting possibility that I might be able to get into teaching ballet, initially by assisting in younger children's classes, gradually moving to take over running some of them myself in a term or two. Because I don't have much experience of officially teaching ballet and for parents to know, the teacher I will be working for would like me to have (or at least be working towards) a formal teaching qualification. I also think this would be useful because it will give me a framework for the knowledge and experience I am acquiring, it will give a background into areas of dancers' health and safety as well as anatomy etc that I haven't focussed on academically before.


Ideally I'd have like to to RAD's CBTS to start with as I feel like (not judging whether rightly so, but I feel it does) it opens more doors, in this country at least, but the cost is currently prohibitive to me and I also don't know whether I can commit to 2 years. I have never done any ISTD so not sure about that. It looks like the DDI would be about £500? 


So I will probably try to go with IDTA as one of my current teachers is registered with them as well as RAD and she is a fantastic teacher, doing a mix of free work and bringing in useful bits of various syllabi as appropriate.


So my question is, how does getting the qualification work, and how much is it likely to cost? If anyone on here knows?! From what I could gather from old threads there seemed to be a couple of exams to do (Associate exams?), but assuming there is also paperwork and teaching practise. I have also sent IDTA a message and will ask my teacher tomorrow but I am greedy for fast information, especially from people who have been through it before so any insight would be lovely!


SOrry for a long message and thanks!

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If you have searched I think you have probably come across some of my previous posts!

I believe the information to be still relevant. If you have contacted the IDTA via the website I am sure they will provide the information you need.

I have completed the IDTA teacher training through Pre-Associates, Anatomy Diploma, Associate, Licentiate and am proud to say I passed the Ballet Fellowship examination in May last year!

If you would like any more help please let me know.


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Thank you very much RK :) Yes I have - good to know it is still the same pathway and well done on passing everything! You must have put a lot of work in. I will wait and see what they say when they reply, and my teacher is going to see what she can find out for me but if it goes ahead I might be coming back to you for more info. Thanks again!

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