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Auditions in Germany

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I posted this in another section, but someone said this section could give me more info! Can anyone out there help?

Friends have auditions for leipzig and Magdeburg companies- problem is they are on the same day!!! I think at simliar times. Don't know enough about them to give advice- can anyone out there give advice?? On looking at websites, both look good.

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Dear Debbie,


the Leipzig company is bigger (38 dancers) and more well-know in Germany than Magdeburg, also the opera house and the town of Leipzig are bigger. They do contemporary ballet there, mainly works by director and chief choreographer Mario Schröder, but still one piece by Uwe Scholz (the former longtime director) each season, his works are purely neoclassical.


Magdeburg is a smaller company (ca. 20 dancers) in a smaller Dreispartentheater ("three branch theater", a typical form in Germany with opera, ballet and playhouse united under the roof of one administration).Director and chief choreographer Gonzalo Galguera is responsible for most of the choreographies. I have never seen the company, but it looks rather classical. I've seen Leipzig, but that was five or six years ago, when Paul Chalmer was still director and they had a modern ballet repertory.


I don't know if you found the videos on the Magdeburg website:





Not so many videos on the Leipzig website:


but photo galleries:



I hope that helps a little!

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Many Thanks for all that info. I have passed it on, the more info the better. Both companies look good, I think one will audition for Liepzig, the other Magdeburg!

It is a shame they are on the same day and time, yet so close to each other.

Thanks again.

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Well, one did contact leipzig and they said they didn't do private auditions , so she is going to go for magdeburg. The other has decided on leipzig. It'll be interesting how they get on . It's just a shame they can't do both . Just glad it's not me!! (Sticking to college and a 'proper' job!!!!!

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