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Tamara Rojo and Ed Watson in (different!) Music Videos

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Two music videoes have been released in the last couple of days featuring ballet dancers.


First, Tamara Rojo is featured in the crazily star-studded Paul McCartney video for "Queenie Eye" (alongside Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Kate Moss and many many more!):



(Tamara first appears around 1:20 rocking out and then keeps on appearing throughout.)


Secondly, Ed Watson dances alone in the video for The Feeling's new song "Boy Who Cried Wolf":




(It seems from a couple of articles about the video that Arthur Pita choreographed the video - there are a couple of movements reminiscent of metamorphosis!)


Any other dancers infiltrating the music business? I know Misty Copeland danced for Prince in a tour a couple of years ago and McGregor choreographed a Radiohead music video... Any wishes for collaboration?

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For the McCartney video, perhaps we should see how many people we can identify (without cheating and looking it up)


From one viewing, apart from the ones you mentioned, I saw Jude Law, Jeremy Irons and I assume the red haired lady is Lily Cole.  I have absolutely no idea who the blonde lady crawling across the piano is - no doubt she is someone extremely famous!

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Maybe I am very young and don't remember many before, but it seems ballet dancers are becoming more well-known in the mainstream - Darcey in Strictly, Rojo was in that car advert recently, wasn't she? That sort of thing. It's nice and good. I like :)

Indeed - for Lexus:



Maybe we're finally reaping the benefits of the "Black Swan" effect? :P Or, much more likely, we have dancers who seem to be much more media savvy. It seems like each weekend either the Sunday Times or Telegraph has some mention of a dancer (Off the top of my head: Rojo, Cuthbertson, Watson, Cojocaru...) in some feature (often a "day in the life" or the like in their glossy magazine). I believe Melissa Hamilton was in one of the papers this weekend?

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