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A ballerina is strangled with a piece of rope..

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Well, I guess that's better than being smothered by a trailing cloud of gauze during the second act of Bayadere, huh :) ...... Though either would be equally dramatic ... 


What of a ballerina slaughtered by embarrassment .... Now that (as an audience member) I myself have been witness to on a very few (but certainly memorable) occasions ... :)

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You know, years ago there was a detective drama called "Hart to Hart", starring Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner; Stefanie Powers had done quite a  bit of ballet in her youth and there were a few episodes that had ballet in them.  This one in particular concerned a ballet company where a murder occurred backstage and of course a defecting dancer played by Victor Barbee of American Ballet Theatre.  I think it was the murdered dancer who was named Vladimir Dokoudovsky, a writer for the show did class at his studio in New York and I seem to remember that he asked permission of Mr. Dokoudovsky to use his name within the show as the subject of the crime, and "the Duke" (as we called him) was mightily amused at the concept. Also Alexander Minz of ABT was in the show, he may have played the director, but I recall that his character was called Boris Lermontov! (dear to my avatar's heart in a way of course!).

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