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Low bun and French twist tips from NBoC's Sonia Rodriguez

Jan McNulty

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The one I always wanted to learn is how to take a braid and make it circle all around the ear.


My hair was long enough but I discovered (much to my chagrin) one cannot stick a hair pin into one's ear, let alone where the front of the ear joins the face. 


I suppose it could be glued - but - uh....that didn't seem like a good idea!


Even a fake braid would have to lie flat around the ear - including the front of the ear where it joins the face.


I did learn how to put up a fail proof bun with VERY (I could sit on it) long thick hair.  I learned it while I was watching a dance documentary from the Vaganova school - it wasn't about hair - but in the documentary it showed the dancers getting ready back stage and one was putting up her long hair.

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