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Instant private message notification via email

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This is something I've been thinking about for a while.  I'd strongly urge forum members to consider - if they haven't already done so - signing up to be notified by email of any private messages they get sent, especially if you're someone who doesn't spend that much time logged onto the forum, and/or you have very frequent email access.  It can sometimes be very useful to be contactable immediately, as I found out yesterday when a kind forum member offered me a last-minute ticket :)


If you look at the black bar at the top of the forum page, at top right, it has your username with a drop-down arrow to the side of it.  If you click on that and select "My Settings", there's then some sort of "Notification" option in the left-hand column (can't access it while I'm writing this).  Click on that, and there is an option to receive notifications of private (or are they personal?) messages, with checkboxes on the right-hand side where you can choose to receive them by email.  If you tick those, you should receive a copy of the message in your email inbox too, although you can't reply to it from there.

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