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Victoria Marr to retire from BRB in June

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I've just picked up this article from Dancing Times.




Vicky Marr has been one of my favourite dancers since she joined BRB in 1996.  Over and over again she has proved her versatility.  Throughout her career she has continued to do corps roles when required and has always fitted in, never trying to show off.  However when she is in a leading role it is impossible to take your eyes off her!  She was absolutely unforgettable as Fortuna in Carmina Burana (she danced this role with both Tyrone Singleton and Iain Mackay and the stage looked as though it was going to spontaneously combust with both of them!).  I also love her in Twilight and Grosse Fugue and, of course, as one of the "China Dogs" in In the Upper Room.  Showing her versatility she is also a lovely warm Nurse in R&J.


Vicky has been always a great supporter of the Friends, giving us talks and attending all the Christmas Parties that I have ever been to.  She is always very gracious when accosted in the street by her many fans.  She will be greatly missed by all her fans.


I would like to send Vicky my very best wishes for the future and wish her every success in her new venture.  I am sure her very many fans will also do the same.


Thanks for all the wonderful memories Vicky and GOOD LUCK!

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Vicky Marr's final performance with Birmingham Royal Ballet will be as Myrtha in Giselle in Birmingham on Friday 21st June at 1830.


I think it will be a very emotional evening.  Vicky has an enormous fan base within the Birmingham audience.

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